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Teen Gregory Spring Kills Self After Bullying, Bullying Continues on Condolence Page

A teen with Tourette syndrome and a developmental disorder killed himself days ago after suffering from years of bullying. But death wasn't enough to escape the taunting, as just after his suicide, a mean-spirited bully took over his condolence page to leave one last haunting comment.


Gregory Spring was 17 years old when he took his life. His mother Keri said he suffered six years of relentless bullying.

"He was just a very compassionate, very loving, very emotional person that just wanted to be accepted," Keri said. "He was just distraught but never showed it to us."

It started in fourth grade, but reached an all-time high this year. It was mainly one student who relentlessly tormented him at the Allegany-Limestone School. It even at one point escalated into a fight, leading to Greg being temporarily suspended.

"There came an incident where Greg actually picked him up an said, 'Stop bullying, bullying isn't good. Bullying is only going to hurt people,'" Keri said.

His mother even tried contacting the school to tell them about the bullying, as they have an anti-bullying policy. Shockingly, the school claims the boy killed himself not because of teasing, but because of other circumstances.

"Based on information received from the police, the untimely loss of this student's life may be attributed to a factor of factors altogether unrelated to bullying," Superintendent Karen Geelan wrote.

Keri strongly disagrees, as the bullying evident on Greg's condolence page is evidence enough that he was bullied severly.

She hopes that she can advocate for stricter rules about bullying or push for legislation that would prevent bullying in the future.

"When a bully is brought to your attention, it needs to be hit head-on and stopped immediately," she said. 

Sources: NY Daily News, Daily Mail


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