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Teen Graduates From 'Charter School,' Told Diploma is Worthless

Charter and voucher schools are often touted as far superior alternatives to public schools under the slogan of "education reform."

What often happens is millions of dollars of taxpayer money, originally meant for public schools, gets rerouted to charter schools, which are often private schools and even online schools, noted The Nation.

Corporations that own and invest in charter schools often use buzzwords such as "freedom, choice, competition and reform," which all "sounds good" to parents.

However, private charter schools often lack academic oversight and state regulation, and it is the students who ultimately pay the price for this "education reform."

Amanda Sheriff graduated from Wisconsin Career Academy, a charter school, in 2009. She took a few years off to work, before deciding to go to college.

She recently applied to a medical assistant program at the Milwaukee Career College, but was told by the Admissions Director said she’d have to get her GED because her charter school, Wisconsin Career Academy, wasn’t accredited.

“I’m like, so basically, you are telling me that I have a 8th grade education, right now?” Sheriff told Fox 6 Now.

After some research, it turned out that Sheriff graduated before the Wisconsin Career Academy lost its accreditation, but the other students weren't so lucky.

Sources: The Nation and Fox 6 Now


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