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Teen Girls Place Kitten in Microwave, Film for Friends (Video)

Two 15-year-old girls are facing animal cruelty charges after they uploaded a video of themselves placing a kitten in a microwave oven and turning it on.

Apparently, the teens were trying to impress their friends with the sick video (below), which they posted on Twitter last Friday.

However, their horrific prank backfired and prompted reports of animal cruelty to the police.

In the short video, one of the girls places the eight-week-old kitten in the microwave oven and turns it on.

The kitten scrambles for a way out before the other girl opens the oven door, notes the Boston Herald.

The kitten's unidentified owner gave the cat to animal welfare officers in South Portland, Maine, and it is currently being treated by the Animal Rescue League.

"She's eating normally, she seems to be in fine shape," said Lynne McGee of the Animal Refuge League.

The kitten, re-named "Miracle," will be spayed and offered up for adoption, noted WGME 13.

Sources: WGME 13 and Boston Herald


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