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Teen Girls in New York Have Bloody Fight, Others Encourage and Film it

A fight that broke out amongst Queens schoolgirls has the community outraged after onlookers videotaped it instead of trying to intervene.

The video shows a bloody battle between the girls, who went to Intermediate School 126. They were in Astoria Park on Friday when they began fighting.

One girl with red hair is shown throwing punches with the other girl, who is older, but is quickly overpowered when two other attackers step in and punch and kick her. The girl falls to the ground.

Later in the video, the girl is seen with a bloody face, looking on as her friend is attacked. Someone slams the girl with an orange traffic barrel and breaks her nose.

The video shows girls filming the fight on their cellphones or encouraging the fight.

"It's sad that the video shows a lot of kids encouraging the beating and other kids filming the beating, but no one trying to step in and stop the beating," City Councilman Peter Vallone said. "You like to think the kids in your neighborhood won't be involved in this type of behavior, but it's happening everywhere."

Vallone was told about the video through Facebook and alerted the 114th precinct about it.

So far, no one has been arrested.

A source said that the attackers went to Long Island City High School.

Days before the fight, a source also said that the redhead seen in the film was beaten up at a McDonald's in an argument over a boy.

Sources: NY Daily News


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