Teen Arrested After Dog Dies In Hot Car


A teen from Falls Church, Virginia, was arrested after her dog was left in a hot car and died.

Police arrested 19-year-old Megan Kurtz Campbell after her 5-year-old puggle was left in an SUV parked near a PetSmart store, reports WTTG.

Police were called after someone spotted the dog in the car and contacted authorities for help. Firefighters arrived shortly after and “immediately determined that the dog was in distress,” according to a police report, WRC-TV reported.

Firefighters opened the SUV and rushed the dog to the veterinarian’s office in the store, but it was pronounced dead once inside. Campbell was handcuffed in the parking lot and charged with felony animal cruelty. 

In a similar incident in Phoenix, Arizona, a woman was arrested after her dog died after being left inside a hot car for five hours, despite insisting she left the windows down and the air conditioning running. Deanna Caroline Zapata told police she left water for the dog in the car while she went into a storage facility, which reportedly did not allow pets inside, reports KPNX. 

The woman was arrested on one count of animal cruelty. 

Sources: WTTGKPNX, WRC-TV / Photo credit: WTTG

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