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Teen Girls Brag On Social Media After Stealing Dairy Queen Tip Jar

After swiping a tip jar at Dairy Queen, several Michigan teens took to social media to brag about their newly acquired cash.

The St. Clair Shores store was handing out free ice cream on Monday in honor of the chain’s 75th anniversary. According to Dairy Queen owner Liz Hope, she was handing out free ice cream when a group of five unruly teen girls walked into her store. Instead of thanking her for the ice cream, they ran off with the tip jar.

“I think they have a lot of guts,” Hope told Fox 2 News.

Alexis Demaria, the employee who was waiting on the girls, alerted Hope when the teens stole the jar. Hope and her pregnant daughter ran after the thieves.

“I said I was going to call the police; they didn’t care, saying all these names at me,” Hope said. “When I looked to the left the one girl had fallen with the tip cup, and I figured it was karma.”

The girls later took a picture of themselves on Snapchat and admitted to stealing the tip jar. They also took pictures of the getaway car and license plate, which are now in the hands of the St. Clair Shores police department.

Hope called them the “dumbest” criminals for openly admitting to the crime. Though she doesn’t want the girls to go to jail, she hopes they learn a lesson.

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Sources: My Fox Detroit, Deadline Detroit / Photo Credit: Flickr


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