Teen Girls Attack College Student with Brick (Video)


The Philadelphia Police Department has released surveillance video that shows a group of teen girls who are suspected of hitting a 19-year-old woman in the face with a brick.

According to CBS Philadelphia, the incident happened last Friday when four girls, ages 16-17, approached the victim from behind near Temple University.

One of the girls allegedly hit the woman in her face with the brick twice, while the three other girls tried to rob the woman's boyfriend.

The suspects were last seen walking down a street to board a bus (video below).

The victim was treated for dislocated teeth and other injuries.

“I’m definitely going to go back to class,” the victim, who asked not to be identified, told NBC Philadelphia. “I don’t want this to stop me from finishing classes.”

The victim said her boyfriend asked the girls to back off, but they refused.

The victim claims the girl hit her with a brick across her face and on the side of her head.

“I tried to get away as fast as I could,” added the victim. “My teeth were halfway out of my mouth. I wasn’t thinking about anything besides getting to safety.”

There were also two other reported incidents of Temple University students being attacked by a group of teen girls.

Sources: NBC Philadelphia and CBS Philadelphia


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