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Teen Wears Black Lives Matter Shirt To Thanksgiving (Photos)

While most people try to avoid talking politics at the dinner table, 19-year-old Rebecca Malstrom did the exact opposite on Thanksgiving by wearing a Black Lives Matter t-shirt.

On Nov. 24, Malstrom put on her BLM shirt and made her way downstairs. She was asked to go back upstairs and change, so she did just that.

"We had a strict 'no politics' rule, so when one family member asked me to change, I followed the command and changed... into another BLM shirt," Malstrom told Mashable.

Malstrom said she wore the shirt because she believes it's important to talk about topics that "that definitely [need] more support."

The University of Maryland student also took to Twitter to talk about her wardrobe choice.

"When you're told to change ur shirt before Thanksgiving Dinner so you happily oblige :-)" she wrote in a twitter post.

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Malstrom's tweet has received more than 119,000 likes and has been retweeted more than 43,000 times in just four days. Several users commented in support of the shirt, and some even invited her to come over to their family's Thanksgiving dinners.

"Not all heroes wear capes," wrote one user. "Some wear #BLM shirts. You keep on being badass."

"You're invited to my house for the holidays," wrote another user.

Malstrom said she wore a sweater over her shirt during the actual dinner to avoid any potential arguments. The following night, she wore the shirt during a Friendsgiving celebration.

"That's when I told everyone that my tweet had blown up," Malstrom said. "Their reactions were priceless!"

"I love my entire family to Pluto and back, but we don't see eye to eye on politics," Malstrom added. "However, they have all shown their support and are so proud of me for standing for what I believe in. Even though not all of my family agrees with my political views, everyone was ecstatic to see how much of an impact I had on the internet."

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Sources: Mashable, Rebecca Malstrom/Twitter / Photo Credit: Rebecca Malstrom/Twitter via Mashable, Facebook via Daily Mail

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