Teen Girl Suffers Broken Jaw During Arrest By School Cop (Video)

Protesters called for criminal charges against a teen girl to be dropped in Tampa, Florida, on Monday.

Bay Area Activist Coalition protesters locked hands outside a court where Brittany Overstreet, 17, her mother and lawyer were meeting with a judge.

Overstreet was charged with resisting arrest, battery and disrupting a school function on Sept. 19, 2014, at Chamberlain High School.

However, Overstreet claims that she was beaten by school police officer Manuel Santana, reports ABC Action News (video below).

Officer Santana's police report said that three students told the school's assistant principal that Overstreet had threatened to spray them with mace.

Overstreet's bag was reportedly confiscated by the assistant principal, who called Officer Santana.

According to Officer Santana's report, Overstreet was aggressive toward him and refused verbal commands, so he brought her to the ground to handcuff her.

However, Overstreet counters that she was thrown against some tables and ended up in the hospital with a broken jaw and a concussion.

The Tampa Police Department insists Overstreet was injured after she was handcuffed because she resisted arrest and fell to the floor.

The three students, who originally complained about Overstreet, claimed the handcuffed teen resisted arrest, tried to flee, but fell on a chair and was injured.

"I hope all of them learn from this, and hopefully they can come out of the school and really have the police do real training," Overstreet told WTSP.

The judge did not drop the charges, and said the case would continue on April 13.

Sources: ABC Action News, WTSP
Image Credit: ABC Action News Screenshot


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