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Teen Girl Stabs Boy in Back for Stealing Her Bag of Chips

One Armona, Calif. student was so angered over a bag of potato chips that she stabbed another student for them.

The girl, 13, stabbed the boy, also 13, after he stole a bag of potato chips from her lunch.

She has been charged with assault.

Authorities said she claimed she was only trying to “poke” him when he stole part of her lunch.

Dave Putnam, an assistant to the sheriff’s department, was sent to investigate the incident. The wound, he said, “connected to his back, near his rib cage area.”

According to police, there are many “inconsistencies” with the girl’s story.

The situation caused many Parkview Middle School parents to be upset after not being informed about the incident.

Superintendent Steve Bogan was shocked by the event, saying he had never seen anything like it in his fourteen years working there.

“We’ve never had an incident like this,” he said.

The girl said the knife was not hers, and that she was holding it for another student.



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