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Teen Girl Snaps Selfie Holding Knife Then Robs Burger Joint Using Same Knife

In a scene right out of the movie Spring Breakers, but colder, two teenage girls in Sweden robbed a burger joint earlier this year and made off with $370. That's 2,420 kroner in Swedish currency.

But like so many teens these days, they seemed to feel that nothing really happens unless you take a picture of it, so the two teens snapped a pre-holdup selfie on a smartphone. The pic shows them holding the knife used in the robbery. Now one of the girls is getting locked up in a juvenile detention facility.

The incriminating selfie is at right. Police found it on a phone belonging to one of the girls, along with a quote, "Commit a crime and the world is made of glass,” attributed to the 19th-century American poet and philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Amazingly, the second teen involved in the robbery wasn’t even prosecuted because Swedish cops couldn’t connect her to the crime with enough evidence.

The pair held up a burger joint called Max in the southern Swedish town of Halmstad back in March. They brandished a lengthy kitchen knife which they used to threaten the restaurant’s staff.

“Give me the money or I’ll stab you!” one of the pair, who are cousins, reportedly yelled at employees.

The pair were tracked down by police using dogs less than an hour after the robbery.

The older girl, age 17, will now serve time in juvenile detention. She is reported to come from a troubled home and will receive psychological care in addition to the punishment for her crime.

Denying that she committed the robbery, she told police that the selfie was just a joke.

SOURCES: The Independent, The Local


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