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Teen Girl Smacks Teacher Right In The Face, Teacher Responds In Completely Unexpected Way

Teen Girl Smacks Teacher Right In The Face, Teacher Responds In Completely Unexpected Way Promo Image

A girl was caught on camera punching a woman, whom many believe to be a teacher, in the face (video below).

In the clip, the alleged teacher walks up to the student and begins talking calmly to her before being punched in the face extremely hard. The girl continues to hit the teacher and the teacher restrains herself -- repeating, "I'm not getting suspended," over and over.

The teacher continues to refuse to hit the girl over fear of getting suspended, before another staff member runs out of a classroom and breaks up the two.

Though the woman was not confirmed to be a teacher, many viewers criticized her for not defending herself regardless of her role in the confrontation. Some argued that if the woman was in fact a teacher, the girl should be punished severely for hitting an adult.

"It's unbelievable to me that a student would even have the nerve to hit a teacher or any adult for that matter. If I'd have EVER done anything like that my father would have beat the ever-loving crap out of me. In the same note, if a teacher, or any adult, would have put their hands on me, he'd have cleaned their clock for them too," one Clash Daily viewer commented.

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"She was well within her rights to defend herself, but hey if I was her I'd sue the school for allowing that student on campus, I sue the student for assault, and the parents for giving birth and not raising their child properly," another viewer commented on Mad World News' Facebook page.

"Do not blame the school system for this behavior. This lack of respect starts in the home and is a example of poor parenting. She should be expelled for the remained of the school year. I understand the disappointment with the school system. The schools fail at teaching the basics and many teachers have their own agenda, We allow students to pass to a higher grade when in fact they should be held back," another wrote.

Some viewers questioned the quality of the girl's upbringing.

"And how exactly are the parents raising that child????? And how did the parents react to the news about their child? And was the child arrested??? Is the person who was hit pressing charges, I hope??? Also, I'm thinking the teachers should be equipped with non-lethal weapons such as tasers if a student attacks them. And all classrooms, hallways, and even bathrooms (except stalls) should have multiple hidden cameras in the classrooms to have all angles of the classrooms and other areas covered to prove the events as they happened," one viewer commented.

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The location of the shocking fight was not disclosed after the video went viral.

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