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Caught On Camera: Group Of Skateboarders Brutally Attack 16-Year-Old Girl (Video)

A California teen is recovering from injuries after she and her boyfriend were attacked by a group of skateboarders near a Venice Beach skatepark Thursday night. 

Brooklyn Smith, 16, told KTLA News Friday that she and her boyfriend, Toyon Carlson, were headed back to their car around 8:30 p.m. when they were approached by two males who demanded to know where they were from. 

Smith said she thinks the two recognized her from a confrontation last month after which she was warned to stay out of the area. 

“Before we could even say anything, it was like ‘Oh, that’s her, that’s her,'” Smith told KTLA. 

She said that before she knew what was going on more than 30 skateboarders attacked her and her boyfriend. 

An onlooker recorded the violent attack with her cellphone and posted the video (shown below) online. In the video Smith can be seen getting hit in the back of the head with a skateboard and then heard screaming for help. Another attacker is then seen picking her up off the ground and holding her while others punch her. 

One witness to the attack, Laura Lee, told KCAL News she was bothered that dozens of people were just standing around watching the fight. 

“It’s hard to believe that no one stepped in,” Lee said. “It’s haunting. It’s really, really disturbing.”

Other witnesses told KCAL they refused to step in because they felt they were outnumbered. 

Ultimately though, it was an onlooker who, Smith says, likely saved her life. 

An unnamed woman rushed to Smith through the crowd and threw her body over the injured teen. Police showed up at the scene moments later. 

“If it wasn’t for her, Lord knows what they would be doing to me,” Smith told KTLA. “They were hurting her too … because she was screaming.”

Smith was later treated for a 4-inch gash in her head that had to be closed with staples. Carlson had a tooth knocked out and received nine stitches for cuts to his head and lips. 

Drake Madison, a public information officer with the Los Angeles Police Department, told the New York Daily News that, as of Saturday, no arrests had been made in the attack. He said he hoped that victims and witnesses could help identify the attackers. Skatepark fights are a common occurrence in the neighborhood, he said. 

“There were no life-threatening injuries in this,” Madison said. “It looks like it was just a brawl in a skatepark.”

Warning: Graphic Content

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Photo Credit: Screenshot via YouTube


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