Teen Girl Left Out Of Yearbook Because She Wore Tux In Photo (Video)

A teen girl from Stockton, California, was reportedly left out of her school's yearbook because she opted to wear a tuxedo instead of a dress in her senior graduation portrait. 

Crystal Cumplido says she was excluded from Lincoln High School's yearbook after she decided to wear an outfit that she felt "more comfortable with": a black and white tux with a red bow tie, reports Fox 40 (interview shown below). She says she was surprised and upset to find that she wasn't represented in the yearbook.

"It's like I didn't even exist in Lincoln," Cumplido told Fox 40 on Friday.

When she asked her assistant principal to explain why she was omitted, she says she was told it was because of a new policy that is under review.

"He told me that I wasn't following policy," she said. "That girls are supposed to wear the black little shirt over whatever."

Fox 40 reportedly spoke with Tom Uslan, the Superintendent for the Lincoln Unified School Disrict, who said the school shouldn't simply abide by Cumplido's request to republish her yearbook and the yearbook that sits in the school's library — but instead should also republish every yearbook that was originally issued.

"I believe that they have been wronged in this situation and we will do everything possible to protect this student," Uslan said. "Well, it was an inexcusable error that is inconsistent with our school district policies."

A similar incident happened last year in San Francisco when a teen girl, Jessica Urbina, who attended a Catholic high school saw her portrait removed from the yearbook because she opted to wear a tux, reports KCRA. In response to the way Urbina was treated, students at Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep wore ties over their t-shirts to protest her exclusion from the book. 

Sources: Fox 40, YouTube.com, KCRA

Photo Credit: Fox 40


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