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Teen Girl Discovered With 3 Words Carved Into Her Body

A British court heard Aleysha McLoughlin, 16, of Bolton, England, was a bright but troubled teen who committed suicide after struggling with her mental health.

Daily Mirror reported McLoughlin, who also used the last name Rothwell, was found hanging in her bedroom on April 3, 2014. Mcloughlin’s foster mother, Beverly Sharples, said McLoughlin had been taken to the hospital the day before because she cut herself at school.

When McLoughlin’s body was examined, consultant forensic pathologist Dr. Charles Wilson said he discovered the words "hate," "ruin" and "fat" carved into her body. Antidepressants and amphetamines were in McLoughlin’s body at the time of her death.

In July 2013, before her apparent suicide, McLoughlin tried to kill herself by overdosing on pills. The next day, after she was released from the hospital, she tried to commit suicide again. 

McLoughlin’s mental health reportedly began to deteriorate when she began developing a relationship with her biological mother, Gaynor Rothwell, and sister, Karly.

McLoughlin had been removed from her biological parents’ custody due to their drug addiction. She was initially placed with her great-aunt Carol Kerfoot. 

Kerfoot noticed McLoughlin’s self harm problem after a brief stay in foster care. "They were surface scratches but when I talked about it she ran off upstairs and didn't want to discuss it," she said. "It was the only time I noticed self-harm.

"I found her to be a good child. She had some issues and sadly they led to the breakdown of our placement but she was a good child. She had a lot of friends and was beautiful inside and out.”

McLoughlin was placed in foster care for behavioral problems in November 2012.

Sharples said McLoughlin refused mental health treatment, even after she attempted suicide. The inquest into her death is ongoing.

Sources: Daily MirrorManchester Evening News

Image Supplied via Daily Mirror


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