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Teen Charged For School Murder Plot, Diary Entries Reveal Troubled Mind Begging God To "Forgive Me"

Law enforcement officials charged a Colorado teenage girl as an adult Jan. 5 for allegedly planning to attack Mountain Vista High.

Sienna Johnson, 16, and her companion, also 16, reportedly intended to carry out the murder near Christmas, KUSA reports.

Officials filed two first-degree murder charges against Johnson. Formal charges against her alleged accomplice are pending upon the release of further information.

While details of the threat’s exact nature remain unknown to the public, Johnson’s journals reveal she was inspired by the 1999 shootings at Columbine High School, which is 10 miles away from Mountain Vista High.

According to prosecutors, Johnson created detailed maps of the school and recorded the on-campus police schedule. Judge Paul King says she also tried to obtain weapons, and was practicing shooting with her BB gun.

Prosecutors reveal the teenager has a violent past in which she has harmed pets. In addition, she allegedly shows no remorse, confessing to investigators she would attempt to kill again if released.

Johnson’s attorneys claim the evidence prosecutors point to rest on shaky grounds. Ara Ohanian even calls the claims "grossly exaggerated."

Another of Johnson’s attorneys, Dagna Van Der Jagt, says their theories are based predominantly on the girl’s personal journals, a questionable source obtained without a warrant or parental consent.

"There is no direct evidence in this case of defendant's possession of any weapons, bombs, or incendiary devices," said Van Der Jagt. "Defendant's personal journal was written at the urging of her professional counselor as part of on-going therapy.”

While she later talks about Columbine, her journals also reportedly reveal an emotional and troubled girl writing letters to God to help her get better, repeatedly asking God to “Forgive me.”

“I try to break the pattern,” “My mind is torn apart” and “I feel very stranded and alone” are some of the thoughts she scribbled into her diaries.

“Things were just really difficult,” Johnson adds while describing her life on her website. “I was angry because I didn’t have the 'normal' family and I was always getting shuffled around between my mom’s and dad’s ... I still put all my time and energy into the things I enjoy most and hope to be the best I can be.”

Sources: KUSA, Sienna Johnson's Journal, Sienna Johnson's About Me  / Photo credit: Sienna Johnson's About Me

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