Teen Girl Braylee Rice Hangs Herself From School Bleachers After Being Bullied

Braylee Rice, 14, hung herself from McColloch Junior High School’s bleachers after class on Monday morning after constantly being bullied became exhausting.

“She lived a great life until those kids from school told her to go and kill herself,” Moka, Rice’s sister, wrote on Facebook. “My sister already had depression and suicidal thoughts, and the school knew that, and they didn't help her.”

Rice was an honor roll student and well liked.

“She always had a smile, and she always gave hugs.” Patricia Lines, the mother of Rice’s closest friend, said. “Everyone in the community almost is out here for her. We loved her."

A vigil was held Monday night in Rice’s honor.

School administrators say they were unaware of any bullying, though multiple complaints by parents suggest that bullying is prevalent in the school.

One parent claimed that other students were throwing water bottles at Rice and calling her names the morning of her death, thought the report remains unconfirmed.

Jennifer Smith said her son was outside when Rice hung herself. He saw Rice on the bleachers and a few minutes later saw her body hanging from her own tie.

The district did not release children from class that day, fearing that many would have an empty house to return to. Instead, parents were able to pick up their kids early.

Grief counselors have been made available to all students as investigations continue.

Sources: Daily Mail, INC Now


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