Teen Girl Beaten by Teen Boys, Who Cheer Each Other On (Video)


An unidentified 15-year-old female high school student was reportedly beaten by nine teen boys while leaving a school football game in the Borough of Glenolden, Pa. on Monday night.

After the victim left the Interboro High School football game, she was taunted by the boys who followed her, yelled obscenities and assaulted her. The victim says the teen boys spit, kicked and punched her (video below).

“It was scary, just horrible, just the worst feeling in the world,” the girl told CBS Philadelphia. “He punched me in my back and then kicked me in the back, and then punched me in the back of my head. I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t move, I couldn’t talk. I was just straight crying.”

She says at least two teen boys beat her, while their buddies cheered, "Come on, let’s get her.”

The girl claims the boys also tried to throw her under a passing car, which was able to swerve out of the way.

“They took me by my arm and just threw me out like I was a fishing rod. I was doubled over in pain,” added the young lady. “Everything was just a big, giant blur.”

After staggering more than mile home, she collapsed in her driveway.

Her parents rushed her to a hospital and the girl was treated for a partially-collapsed lung and other injuries.

“What happened that night is beyond belief to me,” said the victim’s father. "They terrorized and beat up a 15-year-old girl and now I think they should pay for it."

One conservative blogger actually blamed the attack on President Obama and claims that "nine racist blacks tries to murder lone 15-year-old white girl."

However, in the video below there is no proof that there was any racial motive. The girl's hands appear to be brown, while her father is white, suggesting she is interracial.

Sources: CBS Philadelphia and NicholasStixUncensored.Blogspot.com


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