Teen Gets Plastic Surgery To Stop Bullying, Before And After Pics Tell The Whole Story (Photos)

After kids at school relentlessly bullied a girl until she said she couldn't take it anymore, her parents turned to plastic surgery to change the one thing their daughter was most insecure about.

Susan Daniels always realized that her daughter Samantha had large and protruding ears, but assumed that she would "grow into them someday." However, as she got older, her ears grew with her.

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In school, Samantha's ears became a source of pain. Other kids at school teased her, calling her "Dumbo" and "monkey ears." One student in the fifth grade told her she had "freakishly large ears."

Susan once told Samantha that if it was ever too much, she could always get surgery to pin her ears back, but she wanted her to make the decision for herself.

Eventually, Samantha had had enough of the bullying. 

"It wasn't until a full year later that she actually came home sobbing that she couldn’t take it anymore," Susan said. "She’d been picked on just one too many times. And she just said, 'I’m ready. Let’s do it.'"

Susan and her husband thought long and hard about the decision and decided to go ahead with the procedure because they said the bullying was "affecting who she was."

The surgery was a big success.

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"I feel beautiful and that's what I really wanted," Samantha said. "That's why I did the surgery, because I wanted to feel better about myself."

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