Teen Gang Members Murder Grandfather Delfino Mora, Post Killing Video on Facebook

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Chicago police say that gang members robbed and murdered 62-year-old Delfino Mora, a disabled man. They allegedly recorded the attack on a cell phone and posted it to Facebook, last Tuesday.

Mora's family told NBC Chicago that the grandfather of 12 was collecting cans that he sells for cash when the teens confronted him.

The gang members involved in the fatal assault allegedly include Nicholas Ayala, 17, and Anthony Malcolm, 18, who were both charged with first-degree murder and robbery. Malik Jones, 16, was charged with first-degree murder and was held without bail on Sunday.

Police said Jones handed his friends his cell phone to start filming, then demanded money from Mora and punched him in the jaw.

Ayala and Malcolm are accused of taking turns filming the video which allegedly showed Mora's head smashing into the concrete. Mora was found unconscious and died one day later.

Police said the video was posted to Jones' Facebook page. He was arrested after police found out about the video.

Leo Plata, Mora's grandson, told NBC Chicago: "You don't do that to anybody, you don't just go around jumping people for fun. If I had them face-to-face, I would tell them I hope they regret it."


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