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Colorado Teen's Death Ruled A Suicide Two Years Later

After a two-year investigation, authorities have ruled the death of Colorado teenager Holly Moore a suicide.

Holly, 19, was found dead in her closet at home in Castle Rock, Colorado, in March of 2015. Initially, investigators ruled the death a suicide. However, Holly's parents, Ray and Shelly, insisted that the police had made a mistake and their daughter's death had to be a homicide. The couple hired private investigators to look further into Holly's death, the Daily Mail reports.

The Town of Castle Rock said on Feb. 22 that the Colorado Bureau of Investigation had ruled Holly's death a suicide after further investigation, according to KDVR.

Because of the family's reaction to that ruling, Castle Rock Police requested the CBI conduct a peer review of Moore's death," said Police Chief Jack Cauley. "CBI reviewed the police investigation, the coroner investigation, a private investigation commissioned by the family and a private autopsy also commissioned by the Moore family."

"CBI concurred with the local law enforcement's investigations and ruled Moore's cause of death as suicide," Cauley added. "Our hearts truly go out to the Moore family. As officers and first responders, we are always saddened when investigating cases of suicide."

Holly's roommate discovered her dead in their apartment, hanging from the ceiling. The roommate reportedly cut Holly down before calling 911.

Holly had reportedly been fighting with her ex-boyfriend, Steven, who had accused her of having a sexual relationship with her male roommate. The last message sent from Holly's cell phone was a text to Steven, reading, "You don't deserve a goodbye." Included with the text was a picture of his name written in red ink on her thigh, together with a handful of other names.

Holly's sister, April, said that she had immediately expected Steven's involvement when she learned of her sister's death. April said that she had seen Steven choking Holly a week before she was found.

"I saw [Steven] lifting her up with just one hand and Holly was off the ground almost a foot," said April. "Holly was turning red, she couldn't breathe. She was saying, 'Stop, stop, stop!'"

Police reported that during the course of their investigation, they discovered a threatening-sounding voicemail saved on Holly's phone.

"Don't you f***ing hang up on me. You ain't never seen me f***ing mean, Holly. Don't ever tell me that I'm like my sister's ex-husband," he said in the voicemail. "You don't f***ing know him. I [would] love to kill him. I'd love to. No one would have to pay me to kill him. I'd do that s*** for free."

Castle Rock police said that they did not suspect Steven in Holly's death. Tim Ratcliff, a Castle Rock police sergeant, said that the "totality of the situation led us to believe that this was a suicide."

"I am very confident in our investigators' work and know that suicide touches a lot of families, friends and loved ones," said Cauley. "This heartbreaking situation reminds us all to watch for the warning signs of suicide and encourage those in need to reach out for help."

Sources: Daily Mail, KDVR (2) / Photo credit: Moore Family via Daily Mail

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