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Teen Forcibly Has His Head Shaved in Front of His Classmates

A boy had his head shaved in school while his classmates watched.

Lucas Hull, 17, was sporting a new ‘faux-hawk,’ a hair cut with short sides and more hair on top, before he was shaved bald by the assistant principal.

Though mohawk haircuts are against the dress code at Notre Dame High School in Batavia, New York, Lucas sought permission before he got the haircut. Hull said the assistant principal told him he'd have to see the hairdo to decide if a faux-hawk violated the dress code. 

On Sept. 23, Hull debuted his hairdo at school. "My brother had so much confidence in him that day, and he was just ready to face the world," said Lauren Hull, a sophomore at the school.

But shortly thereafter, Lucas was called to the cafeteria where the assistant principal decided the haircut violated the dress code and said, “You have the choice to either go home or get it cut."

The assistant principal then shaved his head in front of Lucas’ senior classmates.

"I thought it looked good and I felt good about it, and then he started cutting and it felt really bad," Lucas said. "Just having people watch and have that done to you," he said before he started to tear up. "It kind of felt humiliating and inhumane and, you know, it kind of crushed my spirits for the day."

The haircut that the assistant principal provided was shoddy at best. "It was a really bad haircut, I mean, there were patches where I could barely feel any hair,” Lucas said.

Lucas’ mother, Denise Hull, believes that her son was deliberately humiliated and that her son has not regained his confidence. "I think there are scars that go a lot deeper than the haircut; you know of that what happened that particular day," Denise said.

Notre Dame High School released a statement that read, in part, "The assistant principal has since apologized to the student, his parents, and the school community for his error in judgment in cutting the student's hair in the student's homeroom before discussing the violation with the student's parents.”

Sources: WHAM / Image via WHAM


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