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Teen Flees Scene After Fatal Crash, Doesn't Realize Who It Was Until Much Later (Video)

Teen Flees Scene After Fatal Crash, Doesn't Realize Who It Was Until Much Later (Video) Promo Image

The teenage driver who is reportedly responsible for the June 9 hit-and-run death of a possible family member turned himself into police on June 11.

Michael Wright, 48, who was confined to a wheelchair, was reportedly hit and killed by 19-year-old Malik Clyburn in a car accident in Sarasota, Florida. Clyburn reportedly fled the scene. The video of the accident (below) appears to back this up.

Traffic footage of the incident that killed Wright as he was crossing U.S. 301 went viral after the Sarasota Police Department released the video to media outlets on June 10. Clyburn turned himself in to police the following day where he was then held in Sarasota County Jail before posting $20,120 bail.

WWSB reported that during questioning, Clyburn told arresting Officer Kevin Schafer he was related to the victim.

“He told me basically ‘I want to get this over with, I think I killed my family member,’” Schafer said, reported WWSB.

The details of Clyburn’s relationship to Wright have not yet been verified, although the victim’s sister confirmed the connection.

“They are my family, so I am sorry,” Clyburn told Fox 13 News after being released.

Although Clyburn may be responsible for the death of Wright, police say he didn’t do anything wrong until he reportedly left the scene. The video that was released of the deadly crash shows that Clyburn had a yellow light when he hit Wright as the man crossed the street.

“He did not run the red light,” Schafer said. “So his driving, as far as that goes, was fine.”

The teenager has been charged with a felony count of leaving the scene of an accident resulting in death, as well as the misdemeanor charge of driving with a suspended license.

During a press conference on June 11, Schafer described Clyburn as a “nice young man” and “very remorseful,” reports The Sacramento Bee. Schafer said the victim’s family has also expressed that Clyburn is a “great kid.”

Clyburn reportedly told Schafer he couldn’t live with himself after seeing the traffic footage and that the video is what pushed him to come forward. Clyburn said he had fled because he was scared of being sent to prison because he was driving with a suspended license. 

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