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Teen Facing Charges For Firing Gun At Pueblo Magnet High School In Arizona

An Arizona high school student is facing multiple weapons charges after he brought a gun to campus and accidentally fired a shot. A 15-year-old boy discharged the handgun in a bathroom at Pueblo Magnet High School in Tucson, Ariz., on Friday. Nobody was hurt during the incident.

Jessica Mojarro is a senior at the school. Like most other students, she did not find out about what had happened until after the school day was over when a newsletter describing what had happened was handed out by faculty members. "If that kid had a gun he had it for a reason," Jessica says. "Either to show off or he wanted to hurt someone." Her mom, Trish, is not pleased with the way the school handled things. "It makes me very angry because they're not protecting our kids," Trish said.

Tucson United School District Spokesperson Cara Rene said the school had the incident contained and there was no reason to ruin the school day, KVOA reported. "The hall monitors heard something, they immediately went towards it and they jumped into action to make sure there was nothing further that could have caused any problems," Rene says. The school doesn’t have a text alert system in place, but Rene hope to install one soon.

"We believe he was playing with the handgun, and it accidentally discharged," Rene said. "The weapon was not being pointed at anyone or anything. We're just grateful no one was hurt and that the monitors and school safety responded immediately and contained the situation quickly.”

Jessica is now nervous about going to school. "It makes me scared to walk through the hallways or go to the bathroom because I don't know who will have a gun," Jessica says.

The boy who brought the gun is no longer attending class at Pueblo Magnet High School and will probably be expelled.

Sources: KVOA, Arizona Daily Star


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