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Teen Faces Possible Trouble After Putting Her Toe In A Baby's Mouth

Children are prone to sticking unusual things in their mouth, but police in Gaffney, South Carolina, are investigating a photo of a 7-month-old baby with a toe in his mouth.

The incident allegedly took place after the infant’s family had dropped him at the home of a caregiver and a 15-year-old girl came to visit the homeowner’s daughter. A photo of the baby with a toe in his mouth later surfaced on social media, WSMV reported. 

"My grandbaby means the world to me,” Robenae Dewberry, the infant’s grandmother, told FOX Carolina. "When I saw the picture, it was heartbreaking because he was an innocent little baby." 

Dewberry said both she and her daughter were stunned by the photo. "My daughter called me crying on the phone. That toe could've choked him and he could've died from that toe being in his mouth. Who knows how far it was back in his mouth!" she said.

Investigators are now looking into the incident and in contact with the Department of Social Services to ensure the caregiver is meeting standards.

The family said the caregiver has apologized and didn’t know about the incident until the infant’s mother showed her the photo. The teen responsible for the photo could be sent to Family Court.

Sources: FOX Carolina, WSMV Image via FOX Carolina


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