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Teen Expelled For Posting Picture Of Teacher On Facebook, Insulting Her

A 14-year-old boy was expelled from school for insulting his head teacher’s hair on Facebook after the woman told him that his hair style was inappropriate.

According to reports, head teacher Keziah Featherstone told Jordan Ford that his red Mohawk hairdo was not appropriate for school. Ford was upset, and out of anger, he found a picture of Featherstone on Facebook sporting a spikey purple cut and captioned it, “This is not an example to set to other students.”

After seeing the post as well as at least 50 other comments from Ford on the photo insulting the teacher for her looks and weight, school officials decided to permanently expel the 14-year-old for bullying the teacher and refusing to apologize.

Mark Davies, chief executive at the school, defended their decision to expel Ford.

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“Jordan and his parents signed a home school agreement in terms of acceptable use of IT, which is very clear,” Davies said. “Even if it was in his own time, it invaded a person's private space and he copied pictures from a staff member's personal Facebook profile. He refused to take part in any restorative justice which would have involved meetings between him and Ms. Featherstone. It was a permanent exclusion because he broke the contract between the school and student. His actions were against the morals of the school.”

The teen reportedly refused to apologize because he says Featherstone was being hypocritical when she told him he needed to get rid of his red Mohawk.

“My wife went up to the school to see if there was any chance of him going back, but because he is a bit of a clown they were looking for an excuse to get rid of him,” John Ford, Jordan’s father, said, accusing the school of looking for a reason to get rid of him. “We think it's unfair that he's been punished because he's the class clown. He dyed his hair red and the school made a really big thing of it, but there are teachers up there with coloured [sic] hair.”

Jordan’s revenge post on Facebook wasn’t just because the teacher told him to get rid of his hair, but rather, according to reports, Featherstone actually suspended Ford when he refused to make the change.

Police are reportedly involved in the case because the school says that Ford participated in “malicious communications” on Facebook.

Sources:The Daily Mirror, The Telegraph / Photo Source: The Daily Mirror


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