Georgia Teen Dies During Shopping Cart Game Hours After Graduating From High School

An 18-year-old high school graduate drowned on Saturday night after attempting to take part in a dangerous shopping cart game.

According to reports, Chase Werner of Euharlee, Ga. graduated just hours before drowning in a lake. Werner was with some other teens and an adult when they decided to play the game. They tied the shopping cart to a pole and pushed it towards the end of a dock, and right as the shopping cart was about to fall into the lake, the person inside would be flung straight into the water. When it was Werner’s turn, however, the rope was apparently attached to him and not the pole, so when it got launched into the water, he wound up being pulled under. Werner drowned in front of his group of friends.

“This is a tragedy for this young man just as he was starting the next stage in his life,” said Melissa Cummings, spokeswoman for the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.

The Euharlee community is devastated by Werner’s untimely death, and Cummings says she hopes that other people will see just how dangerous a game like this can be.

“We don’t want people playing games with water like this,” said Cummings. “It's an accident waiting to happen - kids playing with ropes and heavy objects.”

Werner was still tied to the cart when authorities found his body in the water early Sunday morning. The incident occurred at Lake Allatoona, north of Atlanta.

Sources: Daily Mail, Manteca Bulletin, Colorado Newsday


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