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Teen Drowns 3-Year-Old Boy To Make More Room In Home For His Unborn Child

A Texas teenager has been arrested and charged with capital murder on Friday after confessing to killing a 3-year-old child by pushing him into a pond and letting him drown.

Bobby Woods Jr., 17, confessed to the crime on Thursday. He told Angelina County Sheriff’s Office deputies that he took Mason Cuttler, 3, to a small pond behind the family’s home with the intention to kill him. He said he was aware of the boy’s age and the fact that he could not swim, Lufkin Daily News reported.

Mason was reported missing earlier this month. Woods said he pushed the boy into the pond and turned his back to him, according to a sworn affidavit cited by the Lufkin Daily News. He admitted he made no effort to save Mason as he cried for help.

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Woods also told authorities the murder was premeditated. He reportedly said he wanted to make more room in the home for the unborn child he was having with Mason’s aunt.

Mason’s parents, Kevin Cutler and Brandi Wonzer, issued the following statement:

“Thank you to the departments, law enforcement agencies, and volunteers for your help in our time of loss. We especially thank the Angelina County Sheriff's Office for their pursuit of justice for Mason. At this time we ask for your prayers for our family. We need time to grieve and try to heal. We are remembering our ‘kind-hearted’ angel — and those memories with support from our loved ones will get us through this.”

Authorities indicated Friday that other people will be interviewed as part of the ongoing investigation. The case will be referred to the Angelina County District Attorney’s Office.

“I really want to thank Lt. Brett Maisel of CID and his staff, Steve Rayburn of the Texas Rangers and Lt. Jerry Smith of the Lufkin Police Department for their efforts,” Sheriff Greg Sanches told the Lufkin Daily News. “They worked very hard on this, and I am very proud of them. They spent a lot of time and stayed on top of this, because in the end we want justice to prevail for the death of this child.”

Sources: Lufkin Daily News, Fox 10

Photo Credit: Lufkin Daily News


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