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Teen Driver Runs Over Woman, Tweets Thanksgiving Leftovers as Victim Lays Dying in Hospital

Ashley Davios, 19, reportedly struck Maria Lucaj, 55, with her car while driving around the Bronx in New York City on the evening before Thanksgiving.

According to the New York Post, Davios (pictured) claims she didn't see Lucaj walking in a crosswalk.

Lucaj suffered a serious brain injury from the accident and died four days later.

While Lucaj lay dying in the hospital on Thanksgiving, her family was outraged to find out that Davios tweeted a picture of Thanksgiving leftover followed by another tweet: "All I really need right now is to clear my head and find peace of mind."

Davios also re-tweeted the message: “I love the holidays because I was able to see everyone that truly matters.’’

The day after Lucaj died of her injuries, Davios tweeted: “Karma needs to just slap the s–- out of you.”

Davios has since deleted her Twitter page.

"I couldn't believe it," Lucaj's son Robert told the New York Post. "She's posting about leftovers while my mother's brain-dead in the hospital."

Lucaj's other son Martin added, "She was showing no remorse.”

Martin said his mom worked as a housekeeper in Manhattan and was just steps from her home when she was hit by Davios' Ford Focus.

“[Mom] was going to prepare Thanksgiving here,” added Martin. “And to see [on Twitter] a meal that we weren’t able to have was heartbreaking.”

Davios has not been charged with any crimes, but an investigation is ongoing, notes

Sources: New York Post,, Twitter


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