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Liquor That's 95% Alcohol May Have Killed Teen

An 18-year-old girl died after taking shots of liquor that was 95% alcohol, and now, her family is calling for a complete ban of the booze.

Nicole Bicknell of Australia was celebrating turning 18 years old and decided to take a few shots of Polmos Spirytus Rektyfikowany to keep the celebration going. Suddenly, Bicknell collapsed after drinking the booze, and a few hours later, she was dead.

Reports say that the 18-year-old rarely ever drank alcohol and was offered the drink by a friend after only previously consuming a few mixed drinks. One bottle of the booze, equivalent to around 16 ounces, reportedly contains the same amount of alcohol that one would get by drinking around 38 standard drinks. Autopsy results won’t be released for another five weeks or so, but Bicknell’s family says they are convinced that the drink killed her.

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Two years ago, the Australian Medical Association called for a complete ban on Spirytus Rektyfikowany, and now, Bicknell’s parents are asking for the same thing.

According to Mirror Online, a company spokeswoman claimed that the liquor is already banned from Australian stores but notes that it is available for purchase from independent online retailers.

“I cannot see why alcohol so strong is sold in liquor stores,” said Bicknell’s grieving grandfather Kevin McLean. “No one needs to buy alcohol that strong. It should be taken off the shelves so this doesn’t happen to any other family. Make it an offense to sell it and ban it completely. If they (retailers) have any sort of conscience they would remove it. We want it banned Australia-wide and we would like to see it an offense to sell it.”

Bicknell’s family collectively describes her as a “gentle soul” who aspired to become a police officer like her father and grandfather.

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