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Teen Dies After Falling While 'Car Surfing' On Bumper Of SUV


An Iowa teen died after falling while riding on the bumper of an SUV in the parking lot of a store.

According to reports, 17-year-old Cedar Rapids, Iowa, resident Shana Chavez was “car surfing” on the bumper of an SUV on June 5th, in the parking lot of a store where she worked. Chavez had just finished her shift, and was riding through the parking lot with a friend while a 17-year-old male drove. At some point during the ride, Chavez fell off of the vehicle and hit her head, suffering a traumatic head injury.

Police were called to the scene and Chavez was transported to Mercy Medical Center, where she ultimately died as a result of her injury.

“When you consider that we require that people be belted inside the car for their safety, standing on the roof of the car, on the hood, or on the back bumper while a vehicle is moving is extremely dangerous,” Cedar Rapids Public Safety officer Greg Buelow said. “Car surfing can turn deadly with just one wrong movement by the driver or the person riding."

Heartbroken family members and friends held a vigil for Chavez the following day.

“'It feels like a part of me is missing,” the teen’s best friend, Kylie Babst, said. “Because I don't have her here with me anymore. It's just going to be really hard.”

Chavez’s sister, Chevelle, said she hopes other teens learn from the incident and avoid the dangerous stunt.

“You know, be smart. Learn from this experience, learn from all this pain we're going through now,” she said. “She made one mistake."

Sources: Daily Mail, NBC News

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