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Teen Detained After 2-Year-Old's Death Deemed Suspicious By Police

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Police in North Harmony, New York, detained a 14-year-old girl in connection to the suspicious death of a 2-year-old toddler. 

The toddler, Joshua Jock Jr., was found dead at a day care center and reportedly died sometime between 11 p.m. and midnight on July 27. The adults who run the day care center called 911 after finding the toddler unresponsive. 

“We are sifting through everything in the home,” Chautauqua County Sheriff Joe Gerace said. “We have a search warrant and will probably be here a while."

The little boy had a history with Child Protective Services, and was in the custody of the day care center's owner, Paula Mason-Reeves.

The 14-year-old girl who was detained is currently being questioned by authorities, and is cooperating with their investigation. She may be related to the boy.

“I never thought that my son would die at this young age,” the boy’s biological father, Joshua Jock Sr., said. “Especially at a day care."

The boy had been living at the day care center for six to eight months at the time of his death, after being placed in the care of owner Mason-Reeves by CPS. Joshua Jock Sr. and the boy's mother had hoped to regain custody of the boy, reports WIVB.

Sources: WKBW, WIVB / Photo credit: WKBW


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