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Teen Delivers Bar Mitzvah Speech In Support of Marriage Equality (Video)

Oregon boy Duncan McAlpine Sennett became a viral sensation after a video of his Bar Mitzvah speech persuading guests to support marriage equality hit the Internet.

In the clip, Sennett offered his analysis of the chapter in Genesis detailing Jacob’s marriage to Leah and Rachel — two sisters who were Jacob’s cousins. He used the story to argue that the definition of “traditional marriage” has changed since the Bible was written, and that it should change a little more so people can marry the ones they love.

“I am a very, very strong supporter of equal rights and the freedom of men and women to marry whomever they love,” Sennett said.

Sennett added that his family is close friends with a number of same-sex couples and that they are all wonderful people, parents and couples.

In the past, Sennett has attended Prop 8 rallies and a same-sex wedding.

The speech got the attention of actor and same-sex marriage proponent Alan Cumming, who tweeted the video.

“You are an inspiration to us all,” Cumming tweeted. “Bravo.”

Oregon is expected to vote on same-sex marriage next year, after banning it in 2004.

Sources: Advocate, The Huffington Post


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