Teen Pleads Guilty To Deaths Of Five In Street Race

On March 10, a judge said he would sentence a New York teenage driver to six months in prison for his involvement in the deaths of five people in a street-race crash.

Cory Gloe, 19, pleaded guilty to 17 counts, including five counts of manslaughter, in the deaths of five other teenagers in May 2014.

“I hope that today’s guilty plea serves as a reminder to young people and their parents that driving a car is a serious and adult responsibility that has potential criminal consequences when racing or other recklessness is involved,” Nassau District Attorney Madeline Singas said in a statement, according to Long Island News 12.

In addition to six months in jail, the judge said he'd grant Gloe a youthful-offender status, meaning he will have no criminal record as an adult.

Relatives of the victims who died in the crash said Gloe's expected sentence was too lenient.

"It's totally ridiculous," Mark McGlone, an uncle of one of the deceased, said. "His fate has already been decided. We never even got to speak. I wonder if the people out there -- if this happened to their family or their child -- how would they feel."

Gloe reportedly challenged Tristan Reichle to a street race in May 2014. When Reichle crashed the car into an SUV, he and the four other passengers in his vehicle were killed.

"Nothing is going to change, and nothing is going to bring them back," Celeste Tziamihas, a sister of one of the victims, said, according to ABC News. "But I just wish there was a little more justice for what we've lost."

"He was young, he did stupid things, but he needs to know you cannot do these things," McGlone added. "You can't go out and take a car and have fun with it and make it a potential weapon.

" ... What kind of message are they sending to these other kids out there? You can go out there and do whatever you want? No, you can't."

Gloe’s attorney said they believe the judge's decision was fair.

"My client has taken full responsibility for his role in this very tragic and very sad incident," Stephen LaMagna said. "We are hopeful that the beginning of the healing process can begin for all the people involved."

The judge is set to officially sentence Gloe on May 20.

Sources: Long Island News 12ABC News / Photo Credit: Newsday, Long Island News 12

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