Teen Daughter Of Man Run Over By Cruiser Told By Police ‘She Would End Up Like Her Father’

A Florida police officer admitted he told the teenage daughter of a man who was run down and killed by a police cruiser that she would end up like her father.

Marlon Brown was run over and killed in May by former Deland police officer James Harris, after Brown was cited for a seat belt violation.

Three weeks after Brown’s death, Deland Det. Ignatius Jones responded to a call about teens throwing rocks at closed businesses. Brown’s daughter Armani, 13, was one of the teens at scene.

Jones admitted that he told the girl “with that attitude she’s going to end up like Mr. Brown,” according to an internal police document.

However, he claimed he didn’t mean that Armani would end up dead, but rather on the wrong side of the law.

The girl’s mother Krystal Brown said it doesn’t matter what Jones meant, it still seemed like a threat to her daughter.

“This happened maybe a week or two after her father was killed,” Krystal told WKMG. “So he ultimately ended up dead. So that’s the way that we took it. That’s the way [Armani] took it.”

She told WESH that her daughter “could be mouthy” and that allegations that the teens were causing trouble could be true. But she said this could have been handled differently given the closeness in proximity to her father’s death.

“I think he should have at least written an apology letter to my daughter,” she said.

The incident was recorded in Jones’ file. He was reportedly “disciplined by receiving verbal counseling.”

“It’s not something we want our officers to say or do given similar circumstances so absolutely we have a progressive discipline system,” said Deputy Chief Randel Henderson.

Henderson said Jones “was educated, which we call counseling. He was counseled for it and we’ll watch to make sure he doesn’t do it again.”

Sources: WKMG, Raw Story


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