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Attempt At Gun Selfie Goes Horribly Wrong For Teen

A teenage boy was severely injured after accidentally shooting himself while attempting to take a selfie.

The 15-year-old unnamed boy from Batangas, Phillipines had reportedly borrowed a rifle from his uncle and decided to pose for a picture with it pointed to his head.

While using his phone’s camera he attempted to snap a selfie, but instead of pressing the button on his phone, he accidentally pulled the trigger of the gun while it was pointed right at him. The bullet went into his head right through his nose, and the teen was rushed to the hospital.

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The teen, referred to only as Vince, spent a month in the intensive care unit following the June incident. Just last week, the family confirmed that they had brought him back to the hospital to once again be admitted because he started behaving differently. Reports say that the teen began “staring blankly and talking to himself,” and the behavior combined with frequent headaches prompted the family to bring the 15-year-old back to the hospital.

Vince’s mother has since returned to work so that she can afford the treatment her son needs. The teen is now reportedly back in the intensive care unit, and the family is seeking help with medical expenses.

Sources: ABS-CBN News, Metro, ANC Yahoo News


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