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Teen Couple Found Dead Inside Florida Garage

Two Florida teenagers were found dead in a running SUV in a closed garage, according to police.

Dorian Andres Gomez-Poehlmann, 17, and his girlfriend Emily Rose Sabow, 14, were found by Poehlmann’s mother in the family’s garage on Dec. 21 in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Although the car was running inside the garage, the case doesn’t appear to be one of suicide, according to police.

Poehlmann’s mother said that her son had left on Dec. 20 in the afternoon to get Sabow. When he didn’t return, she called him several times and then reported the couple missing to police later that day.

Poehlmann’s mother, Sabow’s father and Sabow’s step-father spent the entire night searching for the couple with GPS data from their cellphones. They finally found the couple in the family’s garage at 8 a.m. on Dec. 21.

Although the group was able to wedge the door of the garage open with kitchen tools, they couldn’t get it to open all the way.

“They slipped the phone underneath [the door],” Assistant Police Chief Jim Previtera said. “They took a picture that showed them the young man’s vehicle was in the garage.”

A fire rescue team was called and it was discovered the teens were dead inside the vehicle. According to authorities, the teens were overcome by carbon monoxide.

“There is nothing to indicate either one was despondent,” Previtera said. “It clearly appears to be a tragic accident.”

When the vehicle was discovered, it was completely out of gas and the key was in the ignition. 

Sources: Tampa Bay Times, Fox News / Photo credit: Tampa Bay Times 

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