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Teen Convicted After Spending $30,000 Mistakenly Deposited In His Bank Account

Will the real Steven Fields please stand up?

A Georgia teenager saw that $30,000 was deposited into his checking account. Instead of questioning where the large sum of money came from, he went out and bought a BMW. He is now on probation and must pay the money back, Fox 8 reports.

The victim, Steven Fields, is a 70-year-old man who had just deposited money into his checking account after selling some land.

The culprit, also named Steven Fields, is an 18-year-old who is apparently able to spend a lot of money quickly.

A bank teller made the costly mistake of depositing the $30,000 in the wrong Steven Fields checking account. Both men live in Madison County and once lived on the same street.

Instead of asking where the money came from, the teen went on a shopping spree. He reportedly spent most of the money on a used BMW. He also bought food and clothing, reports The Washington Times.

Both Steven Fields would eventually meet for the first time in court, where a judge sentenced the teen to 10 years of probation and ordered for him to pay the money back.

“The daddy apologized about a dozen times that he was sorry it happened and the boy said he was sorry,” the elder Fields told Fox 8. “That’s about all he said.”

Stacey Sorrow, the woman the teen refers to as his mother, believes the blame is being placed on the wrong person.

“I told the woman up at the bank she should have looked over her mistake that she made if she knew there were three people up there with the same name,” Sorrow told CBS46. “He (teen) was excited. I would have been too.”

A reporter asked Fields if he felt the teen’s apology was sincere. Fields responded: “I don’t know if he was or not. It’s like when people say, ‘I’m sorry.’ I feel like they’re sorry they got caught.”

The teenager has since been arrested for possessing illegal drugs, according to Fox 8.

Sources: Fox 8, The Washington Times, CBS46

Photo Credit: Police Photo via Fox 8


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