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Teen Continues To Harass Mother On Subway, Learns Why That's A Bad Idea (Video)

Footage showing a woman taking matters into her own hands after being harassed by a teen on the subway has gone viral (video below).

In the YouTube video, the woman is seen fighting with the teen as other passengers look on and watch. The female keeps saying, "Spit!" as if daring the teen to spit again, while the man keeps saying, "What’s up?"

The woman doesn’t seem phased or scared when the male teen gets in her face. As the woman tries to end the altercation by telling the teen to “Go to school!” he shoves the woman.

She dares the man to “Go ahead, touch me” again; he does. She then immediately takes out a can of pepper spray, squirting him in the face. The male teen grabs his eyes and screams out in pain as the other subway passengers look on.

Facebook user Ashlynn Young posted the short clip to Facebook on May 1 with the caption, “That’s someone mother. Kids don’t have respect at all!” The post quickly went viral, receiving over 14,000 likes and 40,000 shares within a day, according to Inquisitr.

“[She] did not instigate she warned, the kid was already threatening her...learn the difference and stop enabling these kids to be bullies [while] complaining about it in schools ...” one commenter wrote on Inquisitr.


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