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Teen Comes Out To Mom, Mom Comes Out To Him (Video)

In a new viral video, a teenager tells his mother he’s gay – to his surprise, she says the same.

Although the video was originally uploaded in November, the footage only recently gained popularity.

The video is focused on Hayden Smith, who sits at a desk chair in his bedroom with his mother facing him across the room. Courageously, he opens up to his mother.

“I’m gay,” Smith says, tearfully.

“Are you?” his mother responds. “That’s okay.”

After insisting that Smith is brave and that his sexuality doesn’t make her love him any less, Smith’s mother admits a secret of her own.

“You love who you love,” Smith’s mother says. “Can I tell you something too? As you’ve been so open with me … I’ve had a girlfriend.”

Smith is obviously shocked by the confession, and says little as his mother explains. She goes on to distinguish a friend as a past lover, and notes that she has always been afraid of what Smith would think.

To date, the video has accumulated more than 100,000 views.

Sources: The Huffington Post, Gay Star News


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