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Teen Claims Restaurant Fired Him When He Requested Time Off For Brain Cancer Surgery

A 19-year-old delivery driver at a Chicago restaurant was allegedly fired because he needed extended time off work to undergo major surgery for a rare form of brain cancer.

Jonathan Larson, a delivery driver at Rosebud Restaurant in Naperville, was diagnosed with a rare cancer of the brain and spine. He has already undergone radiation treatments, but recently, he found out that he’ll need back surgery that will take him out of commission for six weeks. When Larson went to ask his boss for the time off, he claims he was fired on the spot.

“He said ‘so you’re going to leave me high and dry like that.’ He said, ‘No, by that time I’ll already have another driver hired. Just leave, I have to make some phone calls,’” Larsen said. “I’m really disappointed and saddened by it. It’s not something I can help.”

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A spokesperson for Rosebud Restaurant wouldn’t comment on specifics but said that they are investigating the incident.

“For more than thirty-six years Rosebud has been successful through the hard work of our employees,” read a statement from a restaurant spokesperson. “We are thoroughly investigating this matter to determine if our processes and protocols were appropriately followed. Rosebud proudly serves the Chicagoland community and considers it our mission to treat all employees fairly.”

Larson says he wants an apology from the restaurant for the situation that left him feeling “disrespected and demeaned.”

Sources:NBC Chicago, Inquisitr, KFOR / Photo Sources: NBC Chicago, KFOR


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