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Teen Claims He Was Assaulted By Burger King Owner (Video)

A fight apparently broke out between a teenager and a Burger King owner in Phoenix, Arizona, and the altercation was caught on video (below).

The Burger King’s owner, Tom Broatch, repeatedly asked TJ Abdullah to leave the restaurant on July 31 after Abdullah allegedly filled a water cup with soda.

Abdullah has said he regularly goes to Burger King for lunch, but that he’s never had any issues and that he had water in his cup at the time of the altercation, contrary to Broatch’s allegation.

Broatch claims Abdullah has stolen soda before. "I don't want any trouble, I just want this to go away, it's stealing and I’m just trying to make a living.”

Broatch can be seen in the video grabbing Abdullah’s shirt and trying to force him to leave. The pair cursed at each other and Abdullah claims Broatch spit in his face, but Broatch told ABC 15 that he was blowing air at the teen.

“He made a mistake, I made a mistake, and it should've just ended there," Broatch said.

Broatch then shoves Abdullah. "He was disrespecting me, calling me boy, holding my food out the door,” the teen said.

Abdullah feels he deserves restitution. "He shouldn't be owning a Burger King if he's gonna be like that," Abdullah said.

Abdullah was cited for disorderly conduct, which is a misdemeanor in this instance.

Sources: Arizona State Legislature, ABC 15 / Photo credit: Screenshot via ABC 15


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