Pregnant Woman Found Dead In Texas Home, 14-Year-Old Son Charged With Murder

Nita Moseley, 33, was pregnant when she was found dead in her La Marque, Texas, home on Sept. 19 after a neighbor went to check up on her. 

"Saturday morning, when I drive by and I saw the door open, that's when I figured something was wrong," the neighbor told KPRC. "I thought maybe someone had broken in the house or something, and that's when I found the unfortunate event that happened.”

Moseley was four months pregnant at the time of her death. Her 14-year-old son was charged with first-degree murder on Sept. 28.

She was discovered dead on the kitchen floor and had been dead for several days when the neighbor found her body, according to police.

The teen was found in Houston after his mother was found dead, The Houston Chronicle reported. Police believe he acted alone.

"Apparently he (her son) got really good grades," the unidentified neighbor said. "Smart kid, wanted to play football.”

An autopsy is scheduled for Sept. 29.

Sources: KPRC, The Houston Chronicle / Photo Credit: KPRC, Facebook via NY Daily News


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