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Teen Charged In Miami Double Killing Could Get Boot Camp

A Canadian teenager who was charged with involvement in a Miami double murder that occurred in March is eligible for a county boot-camp program, which may considerably reduce his amount of time behind bars.

The 15-year-old was originally charged shortly after the incident took place on March 30, The Miami Herald reports. The teen reportedly was with his 18-year-old brother Jean, at a meeting to pick up drugs. The brother's full name is not given to protect the identity of the teen accused of murder.

The meeting went bad and ended with the shooting deaths of Jean as well as 17-year-old Joshua Wright, Canadian Press reports.

The 15-year-old was reportedly outside the residence where the shooting took place when it occurred, and was never accused of shooting or threatening others. But police report the teen stated that he and his brother sought to rob a drug dealer. This became the basis of the felony murder charge that the teen is now facing.

Miami prosecutor Marie Mato addressed a court hearing on Nov. 30 reporting that the teen had successfully passed the physical and psychological exams to be admitted into a county boot camp program, Canadian Press reports.

Prosecutors must now decide whether or not to allow the 15-year-old to enter the program. “No decision has yet been made, in any direction, on the resolution of this case,” Ed Griffith, a State's Attorney spokesman, told the Miami Herald.

The military-style boot camp program that the teen would be entering has been widely praised and is even the subject of an HBO documentary, "Rock & A Hard Place," the Miami Herald reports.

The teen is originally from Ottawa, Canada, and is the son of a former Canadian diplomat working in Miami. The boy's mother had just moved into her new position weeks before the shooting occurred, and resigned from her post in August. She declined to comment on the case in light of its sensitive and ongoing nature.

Sources: CTV NewsMiami Herald / Photo credit: Flickr

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