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Teen Charged With Grand Larceny After Allegedly Targeting Men With Expensive Watches

A 19-year-old from New Jersey has been charged with five counts of grand larceny after allegedly stealing from wealthy men she targets at bars.

Alexandra Martinez of Ewing, New Jersey, was arrested for five instances in which she robbed well-to-do Manhattan and Brooklyn men of their expensive watches, jewelry and cash. She met her victims at bars, accompanied them to their homes or hotels, and made off with their pricey possessions, which have totaled $58,000, according to New York Post.

Police believed Martinez worked with another woman in the Brooklyn jobs, with whom she picked out her targets based on the watches they were wearing.

“They typically meet the male victims at clubs or restaurants,” explained prosecutor Wilfredo Cotto. “The victims are usually wearing Rolex watches.”

In at least two incidents, Martinez allegedly spiked her victims' drinks with sedative substances and robbed them when they were sleeping.

Her most recent arrest was regarding a watch theft on Nov. 26. During that heist, she stole over $18,000 in cash and jewelry from her victim’s Brooklyn home, including a Rolex worth over $10,000, reports New York Post.

On Sept. 4, police say she managed to steal a man’s jewelry’s box from his doorman-guarded Brooklyn condo, which contained over $40,000 worth of assets, including three Rolex watches and one Breitling. The 24-year-old victim told police that he met Martinez and her accomplice at Artichoke Pizza and brought them to his residence around 3 a.m.

In two of the Manhattan cases, Martinez reportedly did not have an accomplice. One man said he managed to catch the 19-year-old thief in a cab with his credit cards that she stole while he went to the bathroom in his apartment, reports New York Post.

Martinez, who was released on a $50,000 bail, is one of several women in the New York City area who have recently been charged with high-end theft, reports New York News.

Derrick Williams, a forward with NBA's New York Knicks, was allegedly robbed of approximately $750,000 in jewelry on Dec. 19. In another case, watch dealer Steven Rostovsky brought two women from a strip club to his hotel who managed to steal a watch worth almost $600,000, reported New York Post.

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