Teen Charged with Felony After Accepting Ride from Cop

An unidentified 18-year-old man accepted a ride from a police officer in Orland Park, Ill., and ended up being charged with a felony on Aug. 6.

The teen was carrying a knapsack while walking home from a concert when the officer saw him, noted the Chicago Tribune.

After the teen got into the officer's cruiser, the cop suspected the young man had been drinking
and asked him about his knapsack.

The police officer claimed that the teen was trying to hide a container in the knapsack. The cop checked the container and allegedly found nine MDMA capsules.

The officer charged the teen with possession of a controlled substance (a felony) and underage drinking.

This is not the first time a teen has been busted by a cop giving a ride in Orland Park.

In 2007, Christopher Lanzarotta, 18, asked an officer for a ride to the Orland Park police station in order to bail out some friends who were arrested for underage drinking.

Lanzarotta brought his duffel bag, which allegedly contained a colored glass pipe, reported NBC Chicago via MassCops.com.

The officer asked Lanzarotta if he could search the duffel bag to make sure it didn't have any weapons.

After Lanzarotta complied, the officer found the alleged pot pipe in the duffel bag's pocket.

The officer arrested Lanzarotta, who was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia.

Sources: MassCops.com, Chicago Tribune (Image Credit: Scott Davidson)


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