Teen Charged After Filming Cops Speeding (Video)


Addison Mikkelson, 17, pleaded not guilty yesterday to charges of inattentive driving and driving behind a television receiver.

The incident began when Mikkelson filmed a police cruiser speeding and failing to use a turn signal (video below) last Friday night in Topeka, Kan.

In response, the cops cited him. The "television receiver" was in reference to Mikkelson's video camera.

“I’m not stopping,” Mikkelson told The Topeka Capital-Journal. “Photography is not a crime. I’m trying to hold people accountable for their actions.”

“It’s pure harassment, I think,” added his mother, Sandie Czajkowski.

Mikkelson got a prior ticket on Feb. 16. for “not stopping before pulling out a drive," but didn't film that incident, so he paid the fine.

The teen was also cited in December 2013 for jaywalking when he stepped onto a crosswalk to film some police activity, noted PhotographyIsNotaCrime.com.

Mikkelson did not hold back when police pulled him over on Friday. He told the cop, "You are a loser."

According to KMBC, Mikkelson's trial is scheduled for April 7.

Sources: KMBC, PhotographyIsNotaCrime.com, The Topeka Capital-Journal


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