Teen Cameron D’Ambrosio Charged with 'Terrorist Threats' on Social Media Sites

Cameron D’Ambrosio was arrested in Methuen, Mass., for allegedly posting terrorist threats on social media sites.

According to The Valley Patriot, the high school student had written on his Facebook page: “F*ck politics, F*ck Obama and F*ck the government!!” among other things.

D’Ambrosio reportedly had a “disturbing satanic photo posted" and a photo of himself on a “Wanted Dead or Alive” poster.

The Valley Patriot said that his Facebook page showed an "unusual interest in gangs, violence and a criminal lifestyle," but did not elaborate on specifics.

“We took this very seriously,” Methuen Police Chief Joe Solomon told The Valley Patriot. “He posted a threat in the form of rap where he mentioned the White House, the Boston Marathon bombing, and said ‘everybody you will see what I am going to do, kill people.'"

“We got the tip around 1 p.m. and by 1:30 [Wednesday] we had him in custody. I do want to make clear he did not make a specific threat against the school or any particular individuals, but he did threaten to kill a bunch of people and specifically mentioned the Boston Marathon and the White House. The threat was disturbing enough for us to act and I think our officers did the right thing.”

According to Superintendent of Schools Judy Scannell, an unidentified student at Methuen High School saw D’Ambrosio's postings on Facebook and notified the school who notified police.

“Once again we have to commend the Methuen High School Student who came forward. We always say, if you see something, say something, and that’s what this student did," said Scannell. "We also want to commend the school safety officers and the administration for bringing this to our attention immediately. Threats of this kind of violence is unacceptable and will not be tolerated, not in Methuen they won’t.”

D’Ambrosio, whose bail has been set at $1 million, could get up to 20 years for felony charges of communicating terrorist threats.

Source: The Valley Patriot


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