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Teen's Anti-Bullying Video Goes Viral (Video)

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A Philadelphia teen posted an anti-bullying video (below) showing her tormentors beating her until she was left unconscious.

Four girls attacked 16-year-old Mia DeJesus in a bathroom at Northeast High School on Jan. 27.

The incident was captured on video, and one girl is seen holding Mia by her hair as she punches the back of her head. The same girl then drags Mia to the middle of the bathroom floor, where the other girls join in on the assault.

“I was locked in my school bathroom by four girls and beaten until I lost consciousness,” Mia says in the video. “No one came to help me or tried to get help. I never had the chance to defend myself because as you can clearly see in the video I was unconscious and unable to fight.”

Mia alleges her classmates attacked her simply because they don't like her.

“My school has a clear video of all four girls following me into the bathroom before the attack.” she says. “I refuse to be held hostage by this video and my fear. I will not be a victim. I will post this video every day until something is done for all the people who continue to experience this type of humiliation.”

The clip has been viewed over 2 million times since be posted to Facebook, ABC News reports.

One of the bullies says the video does not show the entire situation and that Mia was the bully, not her, according to the New York Daily News.

"Why didn't she add the parts when she threatened me? Or when she was laughing and taunting me to hit her?" the unidentified teen wrote. "All the times I walked away for her to just start gossiping and fueling the fire more when I turned my back."

After the clip went viral, the four assailants were expelled -- and one was arrested for aggravated assault.

Philadelphia School District spokeswoman Raven Hill told ABC News: “We do not condone this behavior, and appropriate action was taken against the four students ... We would not characterize this as bullying, but rather a neighborhood dispute that spilled over in the school building.”

"You know what, four on one is bullying," Mia's mother said. "I don't care what you say; four on one is bullying."

Mia has reportedly transferred to a different school and hopes her video will help other bullying victims.

“All the people that have been texting me on Facebook and telling me their story, I feel like I did help a lot of people in the short amount of time that my video has been up,” the teen said.

Sources: YouTube, New York Daily News, ABC News / Photo credit: YouTube

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