Teen Brothers Takedown Of Armed Robber And Celebration Captured On Video (Video)

A would be burglar picked the wrong time to try and rob the Wing Zone in Norfolk, Va as two brothers fought back and disarmed the thief and it’s all on video, including the celebration after the robber fled.

Apparenty, the Norfolk Wing Zone has been victim to a number of armed robberies over the past year and the brothers, who are the owner’s two sons, decided they simply weren’t going to hand over the cash.

The video footage shows that the brothers initially faked cooperating with the robber before turning the tables on him and fighting back. They eventually disarmed him.

"They're a military family who are really into hitting the gym and doing all these different types of fighting styles," says a former employee who was present at one of the attempted robberies and alerted authorities to the crime according to a post – which does contain foul language – on Reddit.

Perhaps the best part of the video is, as Gawker calls it, the post-heroism chestbump-hug hybrid the siblings share.

The person would tried to rob the Wing Zone is still on the loose, but it's unlikely he'll show up to face these brothers anytime soon.

The following video contains violence. Viewer discretion is advised.

Sources: Gawker, Reddit


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